Route Accounting System Strategy

Complete, fully integrated & easy to use. More features, seamlessly integrated and with better support for the brewery technology initiatives you require. That is what we believe a route accounting system should be and ours is. Whether it's Budnet, Roadnet, A-B Mobility or another Anheuser-Busch initiative our route accounting system has or will have the interface required already included. As an ISV exclusive to the Anheuser-Busch wholesaler market we support A-B requirements�period. And it's more than likely we have developed the interface to support more functionality within the external application than any of our competitors.

New Product - Sales Reporting / Dashboard Tool

Coming soon to a Turille route accounting system near you! In development now our new sales reporting / dashboard tool will be a one-of-a-kind option for Turille users designed to enhance the way sales history & customer segmentations are viewed. Our dashboard will come ready for use out of the box with different user views defined by you. The data displayed can be tailored to various key performance metrics critical to your management team. Behind the dashboard we will include a sales "drill down" application that provides access to the host of data collected in our route accounting system. Start at the company level and drag-n-drop various customer, product & market variables to hone in on the selling opportunities in your market. Simple and easy to use. Look for the official product launch later this summer!

Route Accounting System Highlights

  • Designed to support any size Beverage Wholesaler.
  • Supports multiple companies, locations, and warehouses.
  • Supports beer, wine & spirits, soda, snacks, and miscellaneous products.
  • Fully integrated to our General Ledger System (includes G/L, A/P & A/R)
  • On-line customer ordering module included
  • No special daily, month end, or annual processing is required prior to running any report - most file updates occur on a real-time basis.
  • Unlimited daily and monthly sales history by customer and package.
  • All reports are run by a one-step process, no pre-processing of information or setup steps.
  • Full integration and interface support for A-B Mobility
  • Download support for Salient Corporation's Margin Minder Product.
  • Our system operates on the IBM i-Series. The software is native AS/400 code written specifically to optimize the unique features of the hardware.
  • Turille & Associates is an IBM, Honeywell and Dematic Business Partner.
  • We are consistently ranked #1 in satisfaction & support surveys with our customers.

Whatever your Beverage Distribution System needs are, Turille & Associates, in conjunction with IBM and our other business partners, can offer you a total package, including all hardware and software. For more information, please...

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